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frequently asked questions

In this section you can find the frequently asked questions (FAQ) of all our services as their answers based on the experience of our clients. If you have any doubts or questions that have not been included here, remember that you can use our contact section.

All about Digitization

If you like our work, you just have to send us a form through the contact page, we will call you to know a little more about the project and to be able to make a budget. If you agree with the budget received, you just have to confirm your acceptance and we start working.

Once you contract with us and receive 50% of the payment for the project, we will meet for you to tell us your ideas and thus design your website together. When you give us the go-ahead for the design, we start developing it.

Te enviamos una dirección web donde podrás ver el sitio web creado. Recibimos sugerencias generales de cambios y una vez terminado el sitio procederemos a publicarlo y a darlo de alta en buscadores.

This depends on the complexity of the contracted web project, normally 5-20 working days, the delivery time is specified in our budget.

We send you a web address where you can see the created website. We receive general suggestions for changes and once the site is finished we will proceed to publish it and register it in search engines.

If the Web is finished, and for reasons that do not correspond to Soft-UI it could not be published (lack of information that the client has to provide us, etc.), the remaining cost of the project will also be charged, and the Web will remain waiting to receive the remaining data.

Yes, you can enter, edit or update the text or images on your site. In case you want us to do it for you, it will have an additional cost by hiring a pack of hours.

Some graphic design companies offer low prices up front, but then charge a premium for revisions. Other companies may put a limit on reviews. These kinds of restrictions can impede the creative process and can leave customers with designs that don't meet their specifications or expectations.

Nosotros no cobramos por las revisiones. Sabemos que son solo parte del proceso y lo incorporamos al precio por proyecto individual acordado. Esto significa que nuestros clientes pueden elegir un diseño y luego modificarlo según sea necesario para lograr el aspecto perfecto para su marca.

Sometimes companies will need to make minor adjustments to their logos over time. The organization may adopt a new color scheme or the company name may change slightly. You will want to make sure that you can make small changes to your files as needed. We offer you vector files that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator. However, it is important that the client owns the software and that someone on staff can manipulate the files if the need arises.

We must be honest on this point, because it is one of the questions about digital marketing that everyone asks, the results of most digital marketing techniques are not noticeable from one moment to the next, they can take months or even years, depending on the time and perseverance that you dedicate to each one of them.

De manera que, al invertir en este ámbito debes tener en claro 3 puntos importantes: constancia, paciencia y tiempo. Cuanto más tomes en cuenta estos 3 aspectos más verás resultados de éxito.


Do you have any additional questions?

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